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I had a go on a friend’s Wii the other day and was completely and utterly hooked. Not on the video gaming aspect, but on the sports. Now I am not a sporty, exercise-y type of person and the idea of going to a gym fills me with horror at the anticipated boredom and sweatiness of it all, but I have discovered that I love exercising on the Wii. We had to have one and as luck would have it, even managed to find a Wii Fit board (they being as rare as hen’s teeth at the moment). Now I’m doing 45+ minutes of Yoga, Aerobics and workouts every day on the Wii Fit and we spend most evenings playing Tennis, Bowling and even Boxing on the Wii Sport game. It’s great fun and beats blobbing in front of the Telly every night, but the best thing is that the whole family (without exception) absolutely love it and we can play together. My DS has shown an unexpected talent for Ski-jumping and my DD at the tender age of 5 has a curiously effective bowling technique. The other really great thing is that according to my responses on the Fit board, the Wii calculates my age as anything between 6 and 13 years younger than I actually am, which is an ego boost that has to be worth having 😀

4 September 2008
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