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Advent Calendar Day 4

advent4Yep, I’m still here. You didn’t think I’d run out of steam by Day 4, did you? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and are planning to try out the Tarot card game. I’d love to hear how you got on.

Today is so dark, dank and dismal I’d rather wish I’d stayed in bed. I’m looking at the advent picture of those deer frolicking under the stars with a degree of envy – their night would appear to be somewhat brighter that my day!

It’s the perfect day to delight the  creatures of the night*, so from my Shelf of Gloom, I have plucked The Bohemian Gothic Tarot for today’s Advent Card.

*ooh, I’ve come over all darkly poetic, perhaps I should have gone for the William Blake Tarot 😀

And today’s card is…..The Sun 😮  ROFLMAO! You couldn’t make it up! No, really, I drew The Sun. It’s darker than the inside of the devil’s jockstrap here and I drew The Sun. You can’t accuse the cards of not having a sense of humour.


© Baba Studio

Ah, well, at least that’s cheered me up enough to give in and turn on the lights so I can see the card properly 😀

This card is from the 2nd Edition of the Bohemian Gothic, the one with the rather tasty pewter edges to the cards. (I have a spare copy, slight shrink-wrapped, if anyone would like to make me an offer). It’s a rather pretty card with the merest hint of sun, rather than the full-blown, blazing version we see in more traditional RWS decks. On balance, I think I’d settle for a hint of sun today and over Christmas.

I don’t mind the Winter season, in fact, there is something rather glorious about the clarity of the light and the intense blueness of the sky on a sunny Winter’s day. I don’t even mind the cold that much, but I do feel so demoralised by drear and today is dreary beyond belief.

I think that this card promises some a little sunshine and cheer over Christmas, both literally in terms of weather and also with respect to family relations. I am quietly confident that there will be NO BICKERING (see the dark steeliness of my tone?) over the Christmas period.

Mind you, given the previous cards, it is equally possible that I will be in my cups and past caring. As for gifts associated with this card, I wouldn’t say no to a pony, if anyone is offering (though I have enough children, thank you) 😀





4 December 2014

2 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 4”

  1. Yes, grey dreariness just wears your soul down 🙁

  2. The Sun – you’re right, you could not make it up! It’s possibly the darkest Sun card that I’ve clapped eyes on, so that goes some way to making it appropriate for the time of year.

    You should get a right good price for your other deck btw!


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