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Advent Calendar Day 5

advent5Goodness, Day 5 already!

Yesterday’s sunshine was most definitely metaphorical. In the few appointments that DD did manage  to obtain for Parents’ Evening (I am somewhat less than impressed with the booking system), her teachers were full of glowing praise. *Beams with maternal pride* 

Her Maths teacher was positively glowing with delight at her ability, which is very encouraging, albeit not entirely surprising since she attained a Level 6 in her Maths SAT. Rather more unexpected was the report from her music teacher, who announced that she’d scored 96% in her assessment. Neither DH or myself are particularly musically gifted. We both appreciate music and I play the piano a little and got her started on that instrument, but DD seems to have taken to it like a duck to water, which is fabulous. The Drama teacher was also pleased with her progress though tells us she is prone to giggling fits (corpsing), ironic since DD is always telling me how good she is at dying 😀

There you have it, yesterday’s ray of sunshine was, in fact, from the child and not from the yellow orb that was most definitely NOT in evidence… at all…all day 😀

So on to today’s card and scanning along the shelf my eye alighted on the (aforementioned) William Blake Tarot. It seems somewhat appropriate since the suits are Painting, Science, Music and Poetry, which encompass precisely the kind of Renaissance all round ability and talent that regular readers will recognise DD is showing.

Without further preamble, today’s card is….Liberty.


© Ed Buryn

As usual, the cards will have their joke, totally failing to meet my expectation that I would pull a Minor from one of the very interestingly named suits and presenting me with a Major instead *sigh* Oh well, perhaps that’s my incentive to use this deck more.

Liberty is the equivalent of Judgement in more traditional decks and the only interpretation that springs to mind in context of Christmas is “chocolate” (See Day2)

Or possibly a nice bit of flat fish. I couldn’t quite work out what that strange butterfly-person-fish-bird in the centre was supposed to be so consulted the book, which says:

“Blake’s resplendent figure of Jerusalem, a metamorphic butterfly representing the spirit of human liberty, ascends upon a plume of flames”

Perhaps best to go easy on the sprouts then and I do hope nobody is going to be blowing trumpets over the festive season, especially not sprout-induced ones!


So what do YOU think this card has in store for me over Christmas? Is it just a sprout in a teacup or something more Major? Humorous (or serious) answers in the comments below please



5 December 2014

6 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 5”

  1. Judgment at Xmas would mean to me not to drag up any of those old family chestnuts for arguing over …:)

  2. Ania, I’m loving these advent calendar posts! Brilliant Queen-of-Swords idea, fabulous QoS wit.
    Trumpeting sprouts heralding the new year, using judgment to decide what not to carry forward and what you can still use? (not the old sprouts, presumably, although there’s always the bubble-and-squeak – or should that be bubble-and-trumpet? option)

    • Oh yes, love a bit of trumpeting bubble and squeak, but any surplus sprouts may well end up in my rather splendid foghorn sprout and stilton/blue cheese soup 😀
      I’m glad you are enjoying the posts – it’s a bit of a challenge for me as I am a rather intermittent blogger.

  3. It looks so theatrical, makes me think of school plays and Christmas concerts… 🙂

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