A Bit Less Mystery

image_mediumThe Autumn Mystery KAL I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is looking less mysterious now I have completed three-quarters of the pattern. Aside from regularly getting outwitted by where I’ve got to in the lace repeats, due to the usual distractions (dog, TV, offspring, DH, Farcebook), and then having to tink back when it becomes apparent that the pattern no longer lines up, it has all gone quite swiftly. I find myself finishing a Clue after a couple of days and then spending the next 4 or 5 drumming my fingers impatiently on the keyboard awaiting the next release.

Spoiler alert…



f6969d88As you may be aware, TW3 is the abbreviation applied to the 60’s satirical show That Was The Week That Was. (No, I’m not that old, but I am familiar with the show and have pinched the title for my week that was 🙂) Mind you, that was focused on current affairs and despite best efforts, I must admit that this particular week was back at the mid-end of July. Unfortunately, I never got around to posting it as the week and subsequent summer holidays were stupidly busy. So cast you mind back to the hot, stormy weather of the latter part of July… *cue wavy line effect*…



strongbox2I was tidying the accumulated piles of paperwork and stuff doing a little sorting out today and stumbled on a poem I’d knocked off whilst at the V&A a couple of years ago.

The V&A have activity packs to make the business of looking at the exhibited objects a bit more entertaining and interactive. They get snapped up quite quickly so the choice can be limited and we ended up with one which directed us to the section dealing with keys and locks. The packs contain a number of activities, one of which was to write a poem inspired by one of the exhibits and offering a list of keywords.  The item in question was a large sea chest with a great many locks – a treasure chest, in other words.


Pomposity and Circumstance

cernparticles1_11-02Although I have become a good deal more restrained in recent years, I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind, as many of you are probably aware. Thus, when something risibly inaccurate appears on my wall, I am sometimes moved to comment. In this instance, the assertion in an article that:

 “The fourth dimension” is a short-hand term for the world of spirit and emotion and desire and vibration and feeling and intuition and imagination. It’s all the unseen stuff that can have the power to dramatically affect the seen.”

Now, strike me with a wet kipper, but I could have sworn that the fourth dimension was Time*. Certainly, that was what they taught me on my Physics degree course, but hey, what do actual scientists know compared to New Agers, who apparently have an entirely new definition for the word “dimension”, other than as a quantifiable measurement, not to mention regarding Time as being something that is defined in terms of the unquantifiable.

Q: How tall are you?
A: Ecstatic


A Word on Art

413_07072009_943I went on a day trip to London with DS yesterday. I turned out to be a very cultured day indeed. I do little girly outings with DD quite often, even if they are only brief shopping trips, so I thought it was about time DS and I did something together.

There is an exhibition called Comics Unmasked currently on at the British Library and this was our mission (along with DS’ goal of finding a white deer*). We’re not just talking Beano and Marvel here, but rather a wide range of material covering social and political attitudes, sex and violence and even the esoteric. I was somewhat surprised to see Mr Crowley’s Diary of a Drug Fiend and a print of the Universe card from the Thoth deck among the exhibits, though I’m still not entirely sure why it was there.


How to Kill…

pint-m_1768033a…several hours without noticing in easy steps:

  1. Wander along early to the (very local) Fleet Food Festival (just after 11am)
  2. Get a beer to drink while you walk around in the sunshine
  3. Buy some foodie stuff
  4. Take in an interesting talk on Beekeeping
  5. Find the local (Longdog*) brewery stall and repeat step 2
  6. Eat some pizza from the outdoor wood-fired oven
  7. Go to the talk on Keeping Chickens
  8. Repeat step 2
  9. Go to a demo on making sushi and make some sushi (raw fish, naturally)
  10. Eat the sushi and wait until your eyes stop watering from using too much wasabi
  11. Repeat step 2
  12. Try to get more pizza only to find they’ve sold out (at 1.30pm!).
  13. Decide the queue for venison burgers is waaaaaay too long
  14. Wander on.
  15. Notice that the bread stall (who are at the Saturday market and always have plenty left at the end of the day) have sold out of almost everything except a few cakes. Buy cake for child with sweet tooth.
  16. Go talk to the bee-keeper for a bit and fail to buy any local honey because they’ve sold out
  17. Find another food queue that’s not too long in order to feed the child(ren)
  18. Repeat step 2
  19. Wander around some more listening to the music
  20. Have a Nepalese curry (and repeat step 2)
  21. Hear the strains of Guns of Navarone (Ska-style)**
  22. Bask in the admiration heaped on the dog (Who’s a pretty boy then!)
  23. Go boogie to the excellent local Ska cover band (Key Lime Pi)
  24. Buy ice cream for child (‘cos she’s your best mate, she is)
  25. Repeat steps 2, 22 and 23 until the event closes.
  26. Stagger home
  27. Wonder where the time went
  28. Fall asleep in the bath
  29. Wake up, get out of the bath and blog about what a lovely day you’ve had
  30. Vow to return next year 😀


Guest Blog: Knee High Observations

King of the Castle

King of the Castle

My name is Dexter and I’m temporarily taking over this blog, as my human’s a bit busy with other stuff at the moment. I’m the handsome and regal chap in the picture. That was taken in Wales a few weeks ago – I’ll tell you about that later, but suffice to say, I am king of some castles.

My human has all these piles of material and flowers and other things that have been taking up her time recently (though she does find time to come for nice long walks with me too…well, she walks, I run and jump and play). She’s also been really busy helping the girl pup get ready for something they call SATs. I don’t know what they are but they seem to be very important and involve lots of paper. They get very upset when I stand on the paper, but I picked up lots of useful tips on grammar and punctuation through my paws. She’s even been too busy to tell you about all the fun we had in Wales a few weeks ago or my little adventure last week, so I’m going to.


Relentless Ineptitude

RememberAs you may be aware if you follow my Facebook page, I’ve just spent the weekend trading at Wrest Park and a very good weekend it was too….well…apart from Friday and my own staggering ineptitude :/


Dusting Off

bigtent1-smIt’s almost that time again. Time to dust off the canvas, dig out the sleeping bags and what passes for creature comforts in the field and go…well, live in a field at the weekends.

My trading season this year kicks off at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire on the 26th and 27th of April and, although the days were lovely, warm and sunny last year, I’m rather hoping there isn’t a repeat of the -4C overnight temperatures, when the water froze in the kettle and it was too cold for the butane cylinder on the stove to work. (Yes, I will be packing a thermos flask this year!)


Stress Testing

shockUnder duress? You bet!

We received notification of DD’s secondary school allocation on Monday to the sound of jaws slapping to the floor and gasps of dismay and disbelief. Not only had she not been allocated a place at her first choice school*, but as we looked into the alternative offered, the whole thing became a tale of absolute horror.


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