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A Bit Less Mystery

image_mediumThe Autumn Mystery KAL I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is looking less mysterious now I have completed three-quarters of the pattern. Aside from regularly getting outwitted by where I’ve got to in the lace repeats, due to the usual distractions (dog, TV, offspring, DH, Farcebook), and then having to tink back when it becomes apparent that the pattern no longer lines up, it has all gone quite swiftly. I find myself finishing a Clue after a couple of days and then spending the next 4 or 5 drumming my fingers impatiently on the keyboard awaiting the next release.

Spoiler alert…

Anyway, here is the finished Clue 3 and I think it’s looking good despite its unblocked crinkliness 😀 You can’t really see the pattern very well at the moment but it should be all finished next week, so watch this space!



I love the rich, autumnal colours and the long colour runs that mean the pattern doesn’t look messy. I have another skein of this lovely Schoeller+Stahl Daphne lace yarn in this colour and will almost certainly be getting some of the other colour ways in the future. It’s such a pleasure to knit 🙂

In other news, I am aiming high! Earlier I managed to register on a Japanese knitting site and download a lovely jumper pattern. It’s fully charted but will still require some translation. Wish me luck! Sayonara for now 😀

1 October 2014

6 Comments to “A Bit Less Mystery”

  1. Oh those colors are looking more fab the more you knit 🙂

    • Yep, I’m really pleased with my choice and looking forward to getting it finished so I can wear it 😀

  2. THAT is really fabulous looking, Ania – well done.


  3. Looks gorgeous, Ania. And my, you are brave: I can’t even understand knitting patterns in English! 😀

    • Well, once you’ve joined the secret knitting society, the meanings of all the symbols and codes will be revealed to you in an arcane ceremony, where you will be invested with your special ceremonial needles (containing a splinter of the true cross) and your yarn (made from the legendary golden fleece). Then all will be clear 😀

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