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One Step Forwards

image_mediumI jumped in and started the Autumn MKAL a few days ago and was was busy congratulating myself on how quickly I managed to finish the first clue…Except, then I realised that I’d misread the instructions for the short rows and so had to tink* back the last 4 rows and re-do them, plus the additional rows required to finish the short row section correctly *sigh*.  Still, the nice thing about the short row section is that they got progressively shorter and so it didm;t take me too long to finish Clue 1 (correctly, this time).

*In case you didn’t know, “tink” is the term used for un-knitting, i.e., knit backwards (literally) stitch by stitch, as opposed to frogging, which is to just to rip back your work  🙂

All this was just in time for the release of Clue 2, so I carried right on with that. Again, something went awry with the 5th row and the lace parts were not lining up correctly and I gave up for the day, since it was now quite late, and decided to fix it the next day. Unfortunately, the next day I forgot there was an issue and carried right on with the next row and it wasn’t until I started the following lace row that I realised that all was not right. *Huge sigh*. Tinked back the last two rows, corrected row 5 and then full steam ahead on the next few rows. It would have been more but for the new series of Downton Abbey 😀

So here I am today at the end of Clue 2:


Now to await Clue 3 🙂

In other news, the needle threader on my commercial embroidery machine has broken (trust me, threading manually is not an easy business on a 6-needle commercial machine). I’ve ordered a replacement part, so will have to spend some time doing minor (I hope) surgery on the machine later this week. On top of various bits of embroidery work and the Sewing for Beginners class that I am teaching on Friday morning, it promises to be a busy week. I just hope it’s not going to be “one of those weeks” :/

23 September 2014

2 Comments to “One Step Forwards”

  1. That yarn is a perfect choice for an Autumn knit 🙂 I had Downton on catch-up yesterday ….and yes, it is distracting 🙂

  2. That looks gorgeous, you clever thing! I can’t tink. Which, when you can’t knit well either, is a bit of a problem :-/

    Can’t wait to see what Clue 3 yields!


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