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Top Tens

advent25I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I could write volumes about mine, but that would probably bore you rigid, so I’ll just do my top hits and misses (in no particular order) 🙂

Top Ten Hits:

  1. 4 generations of family and friends (27 people) for Christmas Eve – noise, chaos, laughs, booze and enough food for an army, (contributed by members of all 4 generations).
  2. Not having to drive home afterwards, so being able to drink lots of fizz.
  3. imageThe round of applause (and subsequent praise) for my salmon 😀 –>
  4. Family board games on Christmas Day and subsequently (and some outrageous cheating just to wind up DD)
  5. Rare verbal, rather than written, conversations via that tellingbone voice gadget thingy with my Eviller Twin and my Good Twin
  6. Receiving some lovely gifts, including hand-knitted socks from someone I’d never met before (made by her Mum)
  7. Niece persuading me to have a birthday party next year
  8. Nephews refusing to believe my age on aforementioned birthday (and estimating more than a decade less) and so many lovely personal compliments on Christmas Eve 😀
  9. IMG_1151Finishing Dexter’s fleece coat in time. (He loves it )
  10. Having turkey and all the trimmings on Christmas Day, for the first time in at least a decade, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to make the planned  Beef Wellington on the day
  11. Oh, and DS’ very cool socks (my sisters adhering to my Mum’s tradition of sock buying at Christmas) 😀






Top Misses:

  1. Failing to finish knitting DS’ mitts in time and being a bit too pissed to care on Christmas Eve 🙁
  2. Not quite getting all the tidying done, so having to overcome my hangover on Christmas morning to do a bit more.
  3. The Christmas tree lights (and the spare set) not working and the decorations being virtually non-existent (see above) :/
  4. Standing outside in my PJs in the freezing cold at midnight on Christmas Day, trying to retrieve the dog, who decided to escape from the garden and go exploring
  5. Discovering how snappy stress and hangovers make me 🙁
  6. Erm…I think that’s all

Looks like, on balance, the hits far outweighed the misses, and there was food, booze, chocolate, fun and lots of lovely pressies.

28 December 2014

2 Comments to “Top Tens”

  1. Dexter’s blankey looks lovely and cosy 🙂 And DS’ socks are great ! Who gave you the handmade socks exactly ? Plus, I am only the Evil Twin, *you* are the Eviller Twin 😀

    • The socks were from my niece’s friend, whom I’m pretty sure I’ve never met before.
      I dispute the scale of evilness and you will always be the Eviller Twin afaic 😀
      (P.S. Dexter’s thingy is a reversible fleece coat, not just a blanky – velcro straps and leg loops. The works 🙂

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