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Advent Calendar Day 24

advent24This is it, the last post of the Advent Calendar! There won’t be a post tomorrow on this theme since, for us, Christmas starts this evening, though I will be posting again soon, if only to review the reality vs prediction of my Advent series 🙂

Despite wearing my grim-faced baggage face, I still failed to do all the tidying, but lots of other things were finished, including an abundance of mayonnaise. The, now traditional, Piernik village in the oven as I write and, as soon as that is done, the salmon will go in for serving cold later with the homemade Tartare sauce. Tidying and wrapping of presents is still to be done, but somehow we will get there.

I have saved the Christmas Tarot especially for today and asked DS to choose a random card. I’m delighted to say that he chose… The Star 🙂

17-StarYou may know that this is my favourite card and it’s also quite apt for Christmas Eve.

Time is pressing, so I don’t have time to ramble on as usual, but in terms of gifts, a starry sky is always a welcome sight. As long as some kid doesn’t start jangling bells in my ear, I’ll be happy (when it’s all over) Bah humbug! ;D

Have a very happy one, whatever you are doing and may the stars shine for you 🙂






24 December 2014

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  1. May the stars shine for you too Ania, have a good ‘un.

  2. Wonderful ending to this series, with the Star! So wish I could have kept up with the series, but moving house intervened in a big way. Just to impart that it was a great idea, and I enjoyed the early missives I was able to get to. 🙂 Happy New Year. 🙂

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