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Advent Calendar Day 8

advent8*Gasp* Day 8 already, and Week 2 begins! Come on, if you’ve fallen behind, get reading! I’ll keep this one brief to give you a chance to catch up on the booze, food and games, dark sunshine, sprouts, loot and bunnies, just in case you missed any, or want to revisit the cute bunny 🙂

Assuming we’re all up to date now, I’ll move swiftly on to opening the door to Day 8 on the virtual calendar. But first…oh, come on, you didn’t think I could resist having a teensy leedle ramble, did you?…

But first, I’ve been rather digressing from the original idea of trying to relate the cards to a gift or event for Christmas. So to revisit yesterday’s card, Daisy Bunny, I can only speculate that flowers or bunnies will be involved. I’m fond of both, especially bunnies (well, hares) and you may recall my recently acquired hare ball and over summer DH kindly bought me a rather lovely felted hare picture*:


All of which suggests that today’s deck needs to be…something completely different 😀

I wouldn’t want you coughing up fur balls from all the fluffiness now, would I? Let’s have… the Tarot of the Sidhe today. You have to have at least one fairy at Christmas, but nobody could accuse these of being fluffy. Move over Maleficent, these dudes mean serious (non-Disney) business 😀

Today’s card is ….The Moon.

© Emily Carding

© Emily Carding

Typical! Darker than Satan’s armpit and I draw The Sun; nice, bright, sunny day and I get The Moon. Go figure!

Interestingly, the multiply moonlit scene is a sunny one in the reflections, so could indicate that the figure gazing at that reflection is deluding themselves, or perhaps, the reality is brighter it would seem to be. Personally, I’ve always been very partial to moonlight, so I’m not in the least bit concerned about the appearance of the Moon card.

The Christmas theme seems rather elusive in this one though, so I think it’s going to have to be “chocolate” again (*See Day 2) Mmmm! Dark chocolate – my favourite kind 😀

As it happens, I visited Aldi on Friday (not my usual supermarket) and found that they do a rather good range of chocolate, Moser Roth. I bought myself a Plum and Cinnamon (very nice), and got DH a Cherry and Chilli, which is ultra-chocolate (85% cocoa) and extremely nice and quite good for you, unlike the lardy, sugary muck that is the mainstream brands. I also noticed that the new bakery in town stock a wide range of Montezuma, another favourite of mine, though some of the flavours sound a bit weird and others aren’t as nice as they sound. And then, of course, there are Sliwki, Polish plums (prunes) in chocolate, which I’m always happy to get.

Mmmm, dark chocolate treats are coming my way for Christmas, methinks…of course, that could just be an illusion. What do you think? 😀
*The rather curious angle of the photo was the only way I could exclude the glare and reflections on the glass.





8 December 2014

3 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 8”

  1. I’m definitely showing my age, but the hare in your picture looks like he is from the Masquerade book (by Kit Williams) that was out in the ’70s. Loving the advent calender posts Ania 🙂

    • Oh yes, I have a copy of that book somewhere. Never managed to get the faintest clue where that bunny might be hidden and it’s too late now as someone found it quite a few years ago, but it was a beautiful book 😀
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts and thank you for commenting – I do sometime wonder if I’m just talking to myself (as usual) LOL

  2. Mum buys loads of the Moser Roth choccie from there – it’s most tasty! And I am the same as Spike, that hare reminded me of the Masquerade book!

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