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Advent Calendar Day 9

advent9Still with me? Fab! Let’s see what Day 9 has in store for us 😀

It’s a bright and frosty morning today – a vast improvement on the soul-destroying drear of last week, so something cheery is called for, methinks. Before I reveal what lurks behind today’s little Advent Calendar door, I will have my customary ramble. Don ‘t panic, I’ll keep it brief!

I had a micro-shop in the supermarket yesterday and seeing the small packs of mince, I thought “Aha! I must make up a batch of meaty mince pie filling now to give it time to develop properly”. Last year’s meaty mince pies were very nice and I might try another of the historic meaty mince recipes this year. Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the page is no longer there. Argh! Fortunately, last year’s recipe is from Mrs Beeton, whose book I have in hardback and ebook form, so I can reproduce the 1861 mincemeat, but the original page had a dozen or so recipes from the 15th century to contemporary and foolishly, I did not save them 🙁

See told you it would be short 🙂

For today’s deck, I plucked the Wild Unknown from the chest and drew….The World

advent009I like the Wild Unknown quite a lot and really ought to use it more. The mostly monochromatic cards have rainbow bursts of colour that just make them into something really special.

As World Cards go, this one is quite minimalist at first glance, but on closer inspection there is actually quite a lot there. We have a starry sky, the rainbow hued outer circle surrounding the scaly/netted inner circle, then more flowers leaning in towards the central sun.*

It’s the second time the Sun has featured in my Advent Calendar and this time there is an almost Medieval representation of it as the centre of the World. The second time that flowers have come up too.

The keywords supplied with the deck are completion, wholeness, contentment. Don’t know about you, but I’d settle for completing all my work and whole lot of contentment for Christmas 😀


*It could be a another star, but since they are the the same thing (the Sun just being our local star), it doesn’t really matter. 

In other bunny news, I completely forgot (I’m so rubbish at self-promotion) to mention my Moongazey Hare bag yesterday (available for you to have for your very own for a mere £12.50 just click on the pic :)…




9 December 2014

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  1. That hare is quite lovely 🙂 I’m maybe a little glad you lost those recipes ..people ate some …odd…stuff back then 🙂

    • LOL They were actually very nice and didn’t taste of meat particularly – they just had a bit more texture 😀

  2. Do you still have the link for that missing recipe page? If so, try it in the Internet Archive (aka Wayback Machine) – http://archive.org/web/

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