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Advent Calendar Day 10

advent10Woah, double figures! That means I’ve posted for 10 days straight 😮 Oh, OK, 9 days straight since I didn’t start until Day 2, but it’s still something of an achievement since I’m usually hard-pressed to post a couple of times a month.

Anyway, I’ve finally found what I want for Christmas and with the World card yesterday, who knows, I may even get it. Mind you, Santa will have to lay hands on somewhere in the region of five and a half million quid, but hey, Santa has to have a massive budget, right? What’s a few million here or there!

So what costs over £5 million, is gorgeously Victorian Gothic and has a surprise in the attic? This and just so I don’t get caught out by disappearing websites again, here are some of the pics (you’ll have to click on the link for the surprise) :



alien-house4 alien-house7

Mind you, I think they missed a trick by not doing up the attic in Steampunk style 😀

Sadly, the article is from February and so, in all likelihood, this gorgeousness has been snapped up. Oh well, best we move on to today’s Advent Card.

The deck I have picked for today is the original* Steampunk Tarot and today’s card is….LOL the Wheel of Fortune 😀

Weh-hey! Best I start buying lottery tickets soon. Either that, or if the imagery is anything to go by, run away and join the circus, though I’m probably a bit past my prime as far as those bendy acrobatics are concerned.

Funnily enough, I finally renewed my passport a couple of months ago and, when asked, by various people, if I was off anywhere in particular, I would just reply that I was planning to run away to join the circus. 😀

In truth, I do have some loose plans for a road trip to Italy with a friend (and some of our children, maybe) before long, though where children are concerned, running away to join the circus can seem like quite an attractive option at times.





All of which brings me to the slight confession I must make. I did actually draw the Tower card first today, but I liked the image so much that I just didn’t feel it had a sufficiently dramatic Tower-vibe to it, so I picked another.  I mean, I’ve never been to Pisa and it is a little worrying when you look at the Tower card and find it appealing. don’t you think?


*self-published by Charissa Drengsen in 2010, well before all the bandwagon jumpers 🙂

10 December 2014

2 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 10”

  1. Either way, it’s a definite change, although the Wheel has more positive connotations. Pisa is nice, but, no destruction in the Tower? A bit odd.

    Haven’t had a chance to comment on all the posts in the series, but I have enjoyed them thanks to your fine and witty writing. 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanne. It’s hard to gauge interest if people don’t comment. I was wondering whether to continue, though I am quite enjoying writing them 🙂

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