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Advent Calendar Day 11

advent11Less than half an hour after publishing yesterday’s post, the dog went ballistic and nearly knocked my not inexpensive MacBook to the floor. (Almost a Tower moment there!). The reason for this? DD’spassport had dropped through the letterbox. Woo-hoo! One step closer to Italy 🙂

No, the Tower moment came this morning when I clipped the base of my favourite wine glass and broke it. Not a major disaster, you might think, but it is a hand made, Bohemian, historic reproduction goblet and absolutely unique, plus it has been in almost daily use for the last 18 months and I’m very attached to it. On the plus side, it was only the base that broke and a fairly clean break, so I may be able to repair it. Best method of repairing glass, please? Superglue? Epoxy resin? Something else?


I do have another (glasses do get broken in this house), but it’s not the same. *sigh*

So on to today’s Advent Card and the Quest Tarot comes to hand and I’ve drawn…The Wheel of Fortune again…


but, this time, reversed :/

Now, I don’t normally use reversals, so I tend to pay attention when one comes up. Although, looking at the rest of the cards, quite a few are reversed so the last time I used it (some time ago), I must have been playing with reversals.

Perhaps I’ve missed the boat by not getting a lottery ticket yesterday when the Wheel first came up. Oh well, business as usual then 🙂

In terms of the imagery, there is definitely a tree shape there and the hand at the top is reminiscent of icicles. A chilly Christmas perhaps, though the golden glow of the card would at least suggest that it won’t be a dreary one. Huzzah for that! 🙂

The accompanying book mentions stagnation and depression in the interpretations for this card reversed. If you’re reading this series and have made it this far, please take a moment to comment. Although taking to oneself usually guarantees at least occasionally intelligent conversation, it can be quite depressing if you get the feeling nobody is listening 😀



11 December 2014

6 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 11”

  1. Oh no! Your beautiful glass 🙁 Glasses don’t last anywhere near as long in this house, our cats seem to have an aversion to them and insist they should not be in one piece.

    • Beautiful restoration jobs! Mine isn’t an antique, it’s a reproduction, or I wouldn’t dare use it daily for swilling wine 😀 The other site is jolly useful too, thanks 🙂

  2. Superglue may help, but the base will always have that weak spot, gorgeous glass by the way, hope you can fix it.

    Wheel of Fortune reversed could mean there’s a resistance to the changes the Wheel brings. Or perhaps it’s not turning the normal way and is surprising you by offering you a different viewpoint?

    • I have a low boredom threshold so both change and different viewpoints are usually not a problem 🙂
      I think I may go with epoxy resin (the kind they repair windscreens with, rather than ordinary superglue.

  3. No advice for fixing – but think how much better it is that you have used this so often, a truly loved item: far better than it having sat gathering dust for the last 18 months only being looked at ….

    • I will continue to use it (carefully), as I bought it to use. I gave DH a different one for our anniversary a couple of years ago – it gathers dust (he says it’s too nice for everyday use) *sigh*

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