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Advent Calendar Day 2


OK, OK, I admit it, there was no Advent Calendar Day 1. Put it down to a lack of planning…well, put it down to the idea only just having occurred to me, just this minute, now…on Day 2 🙂

My cunning plan is to randomly select one of the many decks in my collection (and I have considerably more than 25 so plenty of choice) and select an equally random card from said deck as my Advent Card of the Day. Now to make things interesting, I won’t just be trotting out a dull old deeply insightful interpretation of the card, I will be attempting to equate the card to a gift or some other Christmasy thingy. If I’m totally stumped, the interpretation will be “chocolate”. You are, of course, welcome to offer your own interpretations 😀

Since I have lots of other things to do and none of this involves actual, real chocolate, I can’t promise that I’ll keep this up on a daily basis, but I’ll do my best.

Without further ado, here are the first two cards. (You didn’t think I’d skimp on the first post, did you?)

Day 1

From the Tarot Polski (which happened to be on hand for reasons that will become apparent on the TABI blog shortly), I have drawn Temperance.


© Siedmiorog



Perhaps advisable for the festive season, it does not suggest abstinence (as if!) but the image definitely shows red wine colliding with water. I’ll take that as a reminder for me to temper the copious quantities of red wine with some water in order to avoid hangovers dehydration. This is something I am quite bad at remembering, as it goes, and I do tend not to drink enough water (irrespective of wine consumption).

Oh dear, a bit more of a serious start than I’d intended. Here’s hoping for a more frivolous card for Day 2 🙂






Day 2

Open a drawer and today’s randomly selected deck is….Eeny…Meeny…Miney…the Silver Era Tarot. The randomly drawn card for today is Nine of Cups. LOL You couldn’t make it up!





Oh dear, I think that perhaps I really ought to take care not to over-indulge LOL That said, the Nine of Cups is also the wish fulfilment card, so perhaps I will get my long weekend in Venice as a present after all. Failing that and being a bit more realistic, a few bottles of something nice definitely look to be on the cards 😀


So what do you think of my assessment of the first two Advent cards? Any other interpretations you’d care to share?




P.S. I will be doing this for real, on the day, for every post in this series. Absolutely, no advance planning or scheduling 🙂




2 December 2014

6 Comments to “Advent Calendar Day 2”

  1. I always add water to my red wine. Otherwise I get terribly hung over, even on small quantities.

    I love the idea of a Tarot advent calendar! What a brainwave!

    • Oh no, I wouldn’t adulterate good wine with water, but it is advisable to drink at least a pint of water if you’re boozing 🙂

  2. Ha, love it 😀 I notice both are food-related 😉

  3. Hmm, I associate Temperance with getting the balance right, so a detox spa day to balance the boozing 😀
    As for the Nine of Cups, for my it’s a reminder that sitting on your own at Christmas, no matter how many pressies, is really not the point. Time to organise more social engagements in the run-up, seeing as Christmas is already sorted family-wise…

    • I have a very low boredom threshold for spa-type things, unless they involve entertaining company 😀
      I know that the RWS 9 of Cups is a chap sitting alone, but I’ve always thought his demeanour to be that of someone holding court or hosting rather than just drinking alone 😀

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