Advent Calendar Day 21

advent21Nothing much to say today. Only a few more days to go and this is getting to be a challenge, especially today.

Today’s deck is RWS. It was going to be Joie de Vivre, but I haven’t got any today so the card is 10 of Wands. That’s all.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.



Advent Calendar Day 20

advent20It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, to coin a jingle. I woke up this morning with Polish carols going around in my head. Given that the likelihood of having heard these amongst the interminably repetitive festive tunes blaring out of every shop is less than zero, this is a strong indicator that I may just be getting into the spirit of the season, ever so slightly.


Advent Calendar Day 19

advent19Morning, peeps. I must admit to being slightly the worse for wear this morning. It wasn’t so much the quantity of beer I consumed last night, as my utter failure to remember to rehydrate before going to bed. Hence, a broken night’s sleep due to several awakenings during the night needing to stop my mouth feeling like the bottom of a parrot’s cage.


Advent Calendar Day 18

advent18The postman brought an unexpected surprise yesterday in the form of a letter from DD’s school. Nothing bad, in fact, quite the reverse. It seems that she’s been “identified as the most focussed learner in the Maths lesson on Friday” for which she has been awarded 2 house points.

Just to be clear here, this doesn’t mean that she’s a bit slow-but-trying-hard and they are giving her a bit of encouragement. No, she is very good at Maths (so much so that her Maths teacher was almost bouncing up and down with excitement at Parents’ Evening) and rather ahead of the level of most of her peers, so this is genuine recognition of her skillz – she haz them 🙂

Anyway, we aren’t going to say anything until we’ve had a chance to get her a little something by way of our own recognition of the school’s recognition of her achievements 😀


Advent Calendar Day 17

advent17Yay! Only a week to go, well, for us at any rate, since we celebrate Wigilia (Christmas Eve) 😀

The repaired glass is holding up, but still has an aroma of Araldite that is not entirely compatible with the bouquet of the wine and leaves a slightly headache-y tang 😛 I think perhaps I will have to leave it to one side for a few more days.


Advent Calendar Day 16


Day 16 and it’s another crisp and sunny one here, though I understand we’re in for more drear and rain after today 🙁

Yesterday’s sauciness ended up being quite a long post, so I omitted mentioning a couple of other things. Most notably, the gorgeous (and broken) glass has been repaired (and stunk the house out with the smell of Araldite.


Advent Calendar Day 15

advent15Another week begins, another Advent door opens 🙂

It’s all rather whizzing by at breakneck pace. This is the last week of school and probably the last week I can get my work finished before I need to brace myself and get stuck into an epic session of tidying and cooking. I don’t much mind the latter, but I detest housework, so I’m not looking forward to that and the dust bunnies are trembling in fear already 🙁


Advent Calendar Day 14

advent14Day 14 and just a quick one today because nobody has time to read weekend posts, it would seem. If you do find yourself at a loose end and haven’t been following this series, there are another 12 to read, all packed full of useful and useless information for your entertainment 🙂


Advent Calendar Day 13

advent13Today we move on to lucky 13. I’m sure it must be lucky because yesterday was largely a day of thwarted effort, so today has to be better, right?

The day didn’t get off to a great start, with DD running late and getting into a panic, and an unpleasantly soggy dog walk. To be fair, it wasn’t all bad, though. I did get some work done, but not quite as much as I’d have liked. The lack of progress may have had something to do with DH dragging me off to the pub for lunch, because you know how much I hate being treated to good beer and an excellent fish and chip lunch with mushy peas and probably the best tartare sauce I’ve ever had. It was pure torture, I tell you! 😉


Advent Calendar Day 12

advent12Half way! I must admit that I’m quite impressed that I have managed to keep this daily posting lark up – hope you aren’t too bored of my ramblings yet, because there are plenty more to go before I’m done. Oh, yes! *determined face* 😀

I have found some epoxy resin lurking in the kitchen and if it’s still valid, I’ll have a go at repairing my lovely glass today. In other news, I’ve completed another Christmas knitting project and will be taking some snaps of that later, though you’ll have to wait to see that as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise 😀


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