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Coining it in

10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nWelcome to the Vernal Equinox edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. The topic, which for this Hop I have set, is Tarot and finance. Well, it makes a change from bunnies and fecundity 😀

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So, how does Tarot fit in to my financial life? Well, I can’t honestly say that I do readings on the theme of money matters for myself. That said, I do earn part of my living from reading the cards for others and I have had the odd money related question. It would be strange if I didn’t, since the “big five” are Health, Wealth, Career/Path, Family and Love, (not necessarily in that order). Very occasionally, those unfamiliar with Tarot will giggle and float the lottery number question and I feel obliged to state the bleeding obvious and point out that “if I could pick winning lottery numbers, I wouldn’t be sat here”, mentally adding “fielding stupid questions”.

*I am careful to direct clients to pukka financial advisors where appropriate.

Yes, it’s a rum life reading Tarot in the field, normally quite literally in a field in my case.

The perception is all:

High Priestess

Enigmatic dispenser of wisdom (or Mystic Meg)

equals BIG money*














The reality is more often:

With luck, your clients don’t expect some old hag…


…or a performing monkey.

10 Wands

And it’s blummin’ hard work…













…but at the end of the day…

...if you're very lucky...

…and if you’re very lucky…


you might just make enough

you may just make enough…

not to end up broke

to end up vaguely solvent…


and keep the wolf from your door.












* (incidentally, a card combination of the Wheel of Fortune and Ace of Pentacles can indicate a windfall or win in a game of chance)

OK, so I admit it, I have tried, once or twice, to use the cards to pick lottery numbers. Did it work? *Blows cobwebs from inside of purse and recoils from echo* What do you think? :/

Addendum: Having gifted myself this opportunity to self-promote, what did I fail do? *facepalm* So, while I have your ear, please take a moment to check out the lovely things that I make and maybe cross my palm with some jingly stuff if you like it 😀


20 March 2016

12 Comments to “Coining it in”

  1. This is a wonderful article on this subject!

  2. Great Reading for readers! So true I had to laugh!!!

  3. LOL love it!

  4. I am so glad to see that I am not the only Ebil Twin that forgets to self-promote 😀

    I love your card ‘stories’ here, Ania!!!

    Ali x

  5. I love your little tarot vignettes! Funny and to the point as ever, Ania 🙂 And I love your bags and other beautiful things. Currently sewing some of my own (crafting for health), which makes me appreciate your skills all the more!

  6. I like the tarot stories too! This was fun to read. =D

  7. I love this…. clever and humorous… 😀

  8. Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker

    Fun as always. And I love my bag that I got via TABI. 😀

  9. Love your selection of cards 😀

  10. hahaha!

    Loved all the pics and the humour!
    And yeah, if we could work out the lottery numbers we wouldn’t be spending weekends in cold tents trying to read the fortunes of others whilst the rain hammers in…. the joys of reading at psychic events in the spring time;)


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