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Royal Mail

10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nWelcome to the Solstice Edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler on this occasion has given us the directive to create a Tarot card from junk mail, in other words, other people’s images.
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So, to elaborate a little further, here is the brief we were given for this Hop:

The theme for this blog hop is “Junk mail Tarot.” This is what I call a “Tarot art project for non-artists.”

The idea is to take some photos and/or artwork that someone else has done, and turn it into a Tarot card. Yes, I am assuming that you get junk mail and/or magazines. If not, there is plenty of random photos on the internet, including stock photo sites. And then, there are the meme making sites.

I had a couple of issues with this. Firstly, I didn’t think that the odd pizza menu, charity begging letter or estate agent flyer were going to provide much suitable material for a card. Secondly, there is the sticky issue of copyright when it comes to appropriating other people’s images. I decided that since, as this is an exercise largely for fun, I would ignore the latter on this occasion. As regards the first, I ended up flicking through my V&A membership magazine and found a rather lovely image of the Queen in an advert for the Fashioning A Reign exhibition at Buckingham Palace. As it’s Her Maj’s 90th birthday, I thought I pay her a small Tarot tribute by featuring her on my card. Well, she is actually a Queen, so who better? 😀

The dilemma, of course, was which Queen should she represent.

Swords? Well, she’s certainly not what you’d call intellectual, so not really an obvious candidate for QofS. That said, you must have a certain kind of discernment and intelligence after 60 years as the monarch.

Pentacles? A better fit here, perhaps. She’s most definitely close to the land, with a love of horses and several large estates in the country. Her love of the land may include blowing away wild animals, but that’s the way of the land in the real world where estates are managed to provide game for that purpose. She did her bit in WWII and clearly isn’t afraid of tackling whatever needs to be done and she will “die with her boots on”.

Wands? She’s certainly active and involved, very much at the centre of things. She has conquered the world with charm and with her very own set of life-sized “toy” soldiers* to play with, she could probably conquer it in reality too!

*See the Trooping on the Colour – the world’s finest 😀

Cups? Again not an obvious candidate, but she can’t really wear her heart on her sleeve and maintain dignity. I do believe that she cares deeply about this country and she has been visibly moved by the love that her subjects* have for her.

*ignoring the po-faced Republican element. 

So, it would seem that she has a little of all of them and should perhaps be the Queen of Queens, or maybe just THE Queen 🙂



Of course, this is a completely invented card, but if I had to pin my colours to the mast of a more traditional card, I think it would have to be Strength. Her family remained in London during the Blitz (the spirit of the Blitz is always something I associate with the Strength card) and she drove trucks in the ATS. She has nothing if not perseverance and stoicism – over 60 years in the job and still going strong with not even a hint of wanting to quit a job she didn’t ask for and wasn’t born into either. (Had Edward VIII not abdicated, she would have almost certainly lived her life in relative obscurity). Monarchist or not, you have to admire that and the sense of duty.

Queen strength card

What do you think? Is she your Queen of Queens, or can you see her as Strength.


Before you tootle off to the next blog in the hop using the links below, do take a moment to comment 🙂


21 June 2016

12 Comments to “Royal Mail”

  1. I can see her as both the Queen of Queens and Strength and I guess she also carries a trace of the Empress even though the Empire has changed somewhat… I like the version with the lion 😀 I think that would appeal to The Sex Pistols! 😀

  2. Awesome idea, an HRH Tarot Deck!!! Totally love it and the image you chose. There are so many pictures to select as well, but this one works as Strength, you totally need to make this happen you know !!

  3. Arwen Lynch-Poe, Professional Joy Seeker

    I am mad for Queen Elizabeth II. She’s an amazing monarch. and if Victoria Regina can have a deck, why not EII? Each suit could be a different era of her reign.

  4. Well, I have to admit I didn’t know all that about the Queen. What a fascinating life she’s led! Yes, you have totally sold me on both Queen of Queens and Strength!

  5. Aisling ni Monaghan

    I love the idea of celebrating all her decades of Strength in the card, and I am also intrigued by the idea of creating a concept of a “Queen of Queens”….maybe the Major Arcana might need some modification? 😉

  6. Katalin Patnaik

    Awesome choice for Strength, what a beautiful tribute! She could be the Empress too, the Queen of Queens…

  7. Definitely the Queen of Queens. 🙂

  8. I could see her as the High Priestess, too: she’s certainly pretty good at keeping silence under provocation! 😀

  9. Really enjoyed this, and thoroughly agree with your choice of Strength. Love the lion!

  10. Ania,

    Brilliant! I also favor the Strength card for her rather than trying to pick a queen (although I lean to Pentacles with that), especially since she’s been important in maintaining good relations with Commonwealth nations and former colonies in general; the woman simply knows everyone and has been most diplomatic through everything.

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