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Fit for A King

Sánchez_Coello_Royal_feastAs you may know, I have something of an interest in historic food. I’ve made dishes from Richard II’s cook’s book A Forme of Cury, early editions of Mrs Beeton’s Household Management, recipes from the two World Wars, Medieval Poland, and a whole host of others across several centuries. Some I have taken from copies of the original texts, others have been aided by the research of the likes of  Clarissa Dickson Wright, Dorothy Hartley and a whole host of historians throughout the ages, professional and amateur. You’ll find some of my efforts on the virtual pages of this very blog.

It will probably come as no surprise, therefore, that when I stumbled on a short course entitled A History of Royal Food and Feasting yesterday, I signed up immediately. Since it promises recipes from the reigns of five monarchs, from Henry VIII to Queen Victoria, including cooking challenges, I’m really rather excited and will be blogging about it here.

It doesn’t begin for another month, though, so we’ll all have to reel in our salivating tongues and be patient. Meanwhile, if you fancy something historic, you can always check out my recipe for Tudor Peascods or Cock Ale 😀



24 May 2016

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  1. Sounds marvellous and cannot wait for the food photo skills to be employed! Is it an online course or are you heading off to a castle somewhere?

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