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First Flight

I have just returned from shoving No.1 fledgling out of the nest for his first solo flight away from home….for a week…..overseas!

Now I sit here munching on my second well-buttered Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel and drinking my Cappucino, feeling peculiar, trying to quell the strange, squirming, panicky feeling inside and wondering why they don’t warn you about this kind of thing when you have children.

Well… OK…so there isn’t any actual flying involved. It’s more in the order of a coach trip (it should just be leaving about now), but the Solent counts as overseas as far as I am concerned. It may only be a week on the Isle of Wight, but it might as well be a migration to the Southern Hemisphere. And since I have been away this weekend, it counts as a whole week away (from me).

A day away in school has never really been a problem, (we both coped brilliantly), a weekend away (usually on my part) has become commonplace, but an entire Monday to Friday week…that is a whole new kettle of ballgames to cope with. A whole new yawning chasm of unknown emotional experience on which to teeter on the brink. Did I pack everything that needed to be packed? Did I say everything that needed to be said? Will he cope beign away on his own? Will I cope…out of reach, out of contact? And the very small voice inside asking…Will he even miss me?

Perhaps it is worse because they’ve only been back in school a week and after the long summer holidays it was a strange feeling to be in an empty house again anyway.

Ah well, the only thing to do is to have another coffee and throw myself into the laundry, unpacking and replacement vacuum cleaner research (ours bit the dust last week) until fledling no.2 has finished school this afternoon.

13 September 2010

7 Comments to “First Flight”

  1. LOL I come from the Island πŸ˜€ And you’ll be fine – don’t bother replacing or using the hoover tho’ or No1 child will not recognize his home when he returns …..:-P

  2. Child will be having a blast – so you should just settle down and enjoy this TEMPORARY lull in the domestic insanity. Come Friday night, it will feel as though he’s never been away!

    I can speak from the wonderful platform of never having B away from me for that length of time – yet.

    So when I’m sitting where you are, will you please remind me that he’s FINE?!

    Honestly though. He will be fine. He will not have changed his socks or pants for the entire week.

    Ali x

    • Oh, he will change socks and pants, it’s just the washing and brushing of teeth I’m worries about (a whip is usually required)
      I’m probably more worries about me than him tbh. I *know* he’ll be having a blast, I’ve seen the activities – quadbiking, climbing, abseiling, archery, circus skills – heck, I wish it was me gone and him staying home :S

      • Forgot to mention dragon boating, fencing, trampolining (not just on the beds) and more
        And it will be worse for you – B is your one and only – so, yes, I will be here to hold your virtual hand when it’s your turn πŸ™‚

  3. He’ll be having the time of his life. I can guarantee that his bag/case will be full of disgusting, smelly clothes etc when he gets back so that’s something to look forward to. πŸ™‚

    • Fortunately, the school packing list included black bin bags (not that I would have forgotten to pack these for laundry anyway) πŸ˜€ If it’s very bad, I can always burn them LOL

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