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Happy Feet

Sometimes I find a few spare moments and a quiet corner to indulge in some knitting. A friend introduced me to the joys of knitting socks last year – they are small and quick to make, thus extremely portable, more likely to be finished rather than ending up on the unfinished projects pile and gratifyingly wonderful to wear 😀

I have a very low boredom threshold and socks are just perfect for me, allowing me to indulge in my favourite type of textural knitting techniques without years of repetition to finish a project. (I do have a celtic cable jumper that has been on the go for about 7 years). I’ve never been interested in colour based patterns, but love texture and lace patterns. This is my third pair of socks using Violet Green‘s wonderful wool (this one is the gorgeously soft Supermerino/Bamboo/Silk) and my first toe-up pattern using a staggered Fern design with narrow cables (modified from the Rapunzel pattern) made on 3.75mm DPNs, so a very quick knit indeed.  See what you think:

Red socks 1

6 March 2008

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  1. Cool site, Ania! Fab socks too 🙂

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