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tarot-vierge-blancOnce again the Tarot Blog Hop is upon is and this time we are instructed to write about “Tarot, Healing and Creativity” in connection with the holiday of Imbolc or Candlemas.

My personal experience of healing on a physical level is fairly limited as I have never suffered from more than the odd cold or cut, for which minor care will suffice. As for any psychological issues I may have…we manage to co-exist 😉 I am also reluctant to connect Tarot with Healing because as we all know…(altogether now): “Tarot is not a sticking plaster to fix one’s problems!” *


*That said, I like to think that I use Tarot to help people and if healing is what they need, then I sincerely hope that Tarot gives them a small dose of what they require to help them on their way. 

Setting healing aside, I can fully relate to Tarot as a tool for creativity. You may have noticed that my image choice for this post is an image of blank cards. I think that most Tarot readers have, at some point in their Tarot journey,  a hankering to create their own personal deck in some shape or form, although many of us do not necessarily have the artistic skills (or indeed the time) required to create the artwork for a full 78-card deck. Even tackling just the Major Arcana is a…umm…Major undertaking. However, the therapeutic effect of art and creativity are well-known and I heartily endorse the effect of creative pursuits as an aid to one’s well-being. If stick men are as good as your drawing skills get, well, what’s wrong with that. (Adds yet another mental note to do some more drawing for fun)

Since the theme here is Tarot, I will not venture into my non-Tarot creative pursuits, like knitting (umm, except for my knitted Tarot bag), cooking (oh yes, I love creating in the kitchen as my blog will attest) and music (I am currently trying to re-learn the piano again), although it would be rude not to take the opportunity to drop in a plug for my luxury satin and velvet Tarot bags (click on the pics for my shop):








Of course, another therapeutic and sometimes Tarot-related enthusiasm of mine, is writing. One of the first things that I learned about Tarot is that doing a reading is about telling a story. Whether you are reading for yourself or others, the cards allow you to see the story of that person or situation and thus view it with clarity. The same narrative within the cards can also be applied in a purely creative sense, allowing you to shed the constraints of real life and write creatively, solely from your imagination – try it, it’s tremendous fun (and very therapeutic) to randomly choose a few cards and weave a story 🙂

Sadly, since I have spent most of January creatively accounting for my Tax Return, rather than creatively creating, I have run out of time to devote to this particular piece of creative writing. Thus, hurrying to a conclusion so that I can get my creative and healing ZZZZs without missing the deadline for this post, I leave you with these observations:

  • There are myriad ways of using the Tarot creatively, if you have a mind to do so.
  • Creativity is a process, that takes time, effort and nurturing. Allow for a gestation and incubation period before you get satisfactory results.
  • Getting it wrong and starting all over again is part of the process. Everything requires practise, if you were pre-disposed to  give up after every fall, you would not be walking and talking now.
  • You can keep it to yourself if you want, but if you share it, you might be pleasantly surprised by others’ reaction. (And if they don’t appreciate your efforts, clearly they know nothing and therefore their opinion has no value ;D)

So, knock yourself out and be sure to direct that creativity outwardly and make some noise, because using Tarot for navel gazing is not going to heal whatever ails you.



1 February 2014

17 Comments to “Incubation”

  1. Wait…knitted tarot bag…[runs off to look at pattern]…I must try this!! I have several decks needing bags at the moment…

    • Well, it’s actually a “Bible Reticule” (yes, that did cause me some amusement) but it does the job 🙂

  2. Great post. I loved the creativity part and really love my TABI anniversary bag. You do lovely work.

  3. Love your bullet points and thanks for the video 🙂 I’ve not heard that for ages… I cranked it up to 11 😀

  4. Wonderful knitted bag pattern; love the ‘flap/collar’ part in particular. Will have to figure that out once I get past basic stitches. And I just ripped out my fingering yarn piece for the third time, but I’m experimenting with my own yarn over pattern as well as practicing basic stuff. Nothing like blind ambition. 😉

    Most important point you made, though, I think, is for us to share our creations (*makes note to post knitting progress on Ravelry*). Never know where that might take you!

    • Yep, for the warm glow of appreciation of one’s efforts it is well worth over-riding one’s inner critic 🙂

  5. ok I have a confession to make. I am guilty of dropping in on your site quite regularly to look lovingly at your tarot bags but I they ALL look so pretty I don’t know which one to get, and I wasn’t sure if you would accept a bespoke design from this cookie bat here who would truly love a bag reflecting the Sun Goddess Tarot logo. Will contact you soon!

  6. I can attest that your bags are a total work of art, Ania. Joanna won’t be disappointed!! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I cannot knit for toffee, coffee or cake and I’m envious of those who can. maybe one day? 😉

  7. I too can attest to the bags being works of art…I have several of them!

  8. Hah! Humor and truth! Your bags are stunning!

  9. “Allow for a gestation and incubation period before you get satisfactory results. Getting it wrong and starting all over again is part of the process.” Two really important observations for anyone wanting to take up something creative. I love your bags too Ania!

    • Thanks, Sharon 🙂
      That particular observation was prompted by the frustration I see in DD (aged 10) when she doesn’t get instantly perfect results with everything she tries. I remember that feeling, but have since developed some patience 😀

  10. What a great scope of ways to be creative! And, yes, I think we all design decks in our minds. It is nice to think of that process as something creative, rather than something frustrating!

  11. That phoenix is particularly stunning 🙂 DD uses her deck to tell stories 🙂

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