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Mind Games

IMG_0712My mind likes to play tricks on me.

Take today. I’m standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables for tonight’s soup, cooking some onions for onion bread and crisps and wild mushroom noodles for my lunch*. All of a sudden, a word pops into my head, totally unbidden and with nothing whatsoever to do with anything I am doing, have done or plan to do.

The really annoying thing about when this happens (and it happens to me quite frequently) is that it’s always a really impressive sounding word of which I can’t for the life of me remember the meaning. Of course, they are always words that I have at some time known the definition of, but through lack of usage, have forgotten. Then, I drive myself crazy trying to dredge up a definition (because it has to be in there somewhere, right?), while desperately fighting the urge to rush off and look it up, usually because I’m in the middle of doing something else and it really isn’t convenient right now, thank you very much. Today’s little gem was “Triumvirate”. I mean, WTF did that come from?!

In case, like me, you can’t immediately recall it, the meaning of “Triumvirate” is “a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals”. I can only suppose that my subconscious was urging me (along with my Good and Evil Twin) to make a bid for World Domination…Mwahahahahaha! (Once I’d finished lunch and had a chance to look up the word, of course).

What tricks does you mind play on you?

*Don’t get excited, the noodles are just the instant kind and, yes, you can get wild mushroom flavour (from Polish food stores, along with Beetroot flavour). The crisps, on the other hand, you can get excited about – one potato (skin on), thinly sliced with a few slightly thicker ones so some are still soft, shallow(ish) fried until golden and crisp, drained and served with sea salt and real vinegar. Nom!

As for the soup, the leek and potato is done and the sprout and stilton will be next. Perhaps, I shall fart the world into submission with the latter. Be afraid! 😀

12 February 2014

2 Comments to “Mind Games”

  1. chuck some teeny strips of cooked bacon in the tatie & leek soup – yummy 🙂

  2. I get that too – for AGES the word ‘Minchiate’ went round and round in my head. Yes, I know that it’s a Tarot deck, but the word wouldn’t stop bothering me. So I looked it up. If you use google translate, it gives you ‘bullshit’.

    I was quite nonplussed after that 😀

    Think I might make soup today too….. 😀


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