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Take ye Onyons

It seems that the modern peasantry should take a leaf out of our Medieval counterparts’ cookbooks in the interests of healthy eating


Should you need a pointer towards some gode cookery receipts, this is a fascinating resource…


Of course, the really healthy peasant diet is less based on elaborately stuffed capons and more on grain-based gruel or potage, but the recipies are intriguing nonetheless. Enjoy!

5 September 2010

2 Comments to “Take ye Onyons”

  1. Horrible Histories is DS’s favourite TV show! I must confess to getting somewhat sucked in to it too!

    Love your title ‘Take ye Onyons’…. made me smile 😉


    • Yes, we love Horrible Histories too 🙂 At an event a few weeks ago we were treated to a performance of what must have been the entire song repertoire from the series LOL A good way of remembering historical facts – even I can sing the “Divorced, Beheaded and Died” song (though I can’t actually remember which of Henry’s wives they apply to :S

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