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From Beneath the Bushel

gilded-00706Welcome to the Solstice (Litha) edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. I haven’t participated in the last couple, but it’s nice to be back. You can find links to the previous and next posts in the Hop at the bottom of this page, along with a link to the Master list in case of any broken links.

I must admit that I struggled somewhat with the broadness of the topic (though mostly with all the references to “faeries”), the main theme of which was to share a gift or talent with the circle. I’m afraid that I suffer from a rather British reticence about blowing my own trumpet in any sort of blatant way. Our overseas cousins have never seemed to be afflicted by this malaise and are quite happy to blithely puff away, but over here, we tend to find that kind of thing faintly unseemly and embarrassing, albeit increasingly less so these days based on the wannabe culture of  X-factor and the myriad of other such shows. On this occasion, however, I have girded my loins, pulled up my big girl knickers, armed myself with cliches and set aside my reserve. I have emerged from beneath my bushel, blinking mole-like into the Solstice dawn. I have buffed up the brassware, taken a deep breath or three and am all set to blow like Gabriel. Ready?

As it happens, I have quite a few talents *puffs up cheeks and raises bugle*

*Squeawk*  Oh dear, clearly playing brass instruments (even virtual ones) is not one of them, however, some of those who follow my scribblings on here and have read the things wot I writ are of the opinion that I don’t rite too bad. I’ve managed to participate in two NaNoWriMos, though only completed one. I regard both novels as works in progress, albeit veeery sloooow progress, but like Aesop’s tortoise, I’ll get there in the end and may even beat the eager bunnies. *Kicks dust bunnies back under the sofa* If you’d like to read my efforts for yourself, where better to begin than here – my blog archives are available for your perusal and, I trust, delectation. If you enjoy what you read, feel free to massage my ego by commenting here.* If you don’t, well…we can’t all be blessed with good taste now, can we 😉

*Comment on this post, please, as comments are disabled on individual posts after 30 days to minimise spam.

scones*Paaaarp* While my talents as a Domestic Goddess leave *a lot* to be desired in the housework department *kicks dust bunnies again*, I am a pretty good cook. Since we are supposed to be sharing our talents in this edition of the Blog Hop, you can find some yummy recipes and general foodie stuff  in the “Food and Drink” category on this very blog. See, told you it was worth a read. Don’t expect Heston-like bizarre ingredient combos or prettily arranged plates with a poncy jus and sprig of bleedin’ garnish. Food is to eat, not to photograph...errr, unless you’re blogging about it, in which case, I’ll let me off. I’m more of a hearty, tasty and somewhat retro kind of cook… in fact, you’ll find I’m positively Medieval at times 🙂

As an additional treat to the culinary delights on this blog, I can highly recommend this cherry scone recipe, perfect for a picnic or for afternoon tea with a nice cup of Keemun or Darjeeling. Serve with clotted cream and strawberry conserve for a real treat. (Tip: instead of buttermilk, put a couple of drops of lemon juice in fresh milk and leave to stand for 15-20mins)


Corsetgbag-oak*Squeeeal* Bad trumpet playing? Or, how I hope you’ll react when you see these and these? You decide and if you like what you see, it would be rude of me not to mention that you can buy such beauteous things in my shop and if you don’t find quite what you are looking for, I undertake commissions for all sorts of things. You can contact me to discuss your dream insert desiderata here.

There are more pics and I try (albeit sporadically) to post new projects on my FB page, so please follow me if you like what I do (and tell your friends) 🙂

Of course, I do lots of other crafty things, including knitting so you can find me on Ravelry as well.



*Barrrrrruump* Tarot! How could I omit to mention Tarot? I’m not half bad at that I’m told and *edges out on the limb* in the face of the evidence from many clients, I can’t disagree. Once again, on this very blog you can find more Tarot related posts, so if you’ve a mind to, you can read my words of wisdom for yourself** It seems fitting to choose a card to represent the talents I have shared here and I can’t think of a more fitting card than the 7 of Cups. In the spirit of such immodesty, I must say that I have quite a few more (talents that is, I have loads more cards), but I would hate your indulgent smile to turn into a rictus grimace as you mentally glaze over and lose interest in my fluffy cloud of self-adulation, frantically scrolling down for the link to the next post.

**My, it’s hard to write with one’s tongue so firmly jammed in one’s cheek! Do have a look, I aim for recreation rather than pontification 😀

You’ll notice that I’ve chosen the 7 of Cups from the Gilded Tarot to represent my talents. This is because it is pretty and, unlike the RWS, it does not depict a dragon or a snake. I’d rather that my talent for biting, hissing and breathing fire remained under the aforementioned bushel…until I have need of it 😀 It also seem apt, since I have such an abundance of possibilities that it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus and I have to be careful not to spread myself too thin trying to do all the things that I would like to. For me, the 7 of Cups always indicates a certain difficulty in making the right choices due to the overabundance of options that can leave you spinning in the wind.

If you’re impressed, and you jolly well should be, feel free to endorse any of these skill on my LinkedIn Profile. I hope you’ve found something useful, enjoyable or even informative here.

Phew! That was some fast and furious trumpeting. I feel rather like this guy (though obviously not as talented with the trombone)

I think that’s enough trumpeting for this post, so without further ado, procrastination or fanfare oh well, maybe just one more parting blow before I stow the brass …I give you *paaaarrrrpppp-ta-daaaaaaaah* (hey, I’m getting better at this!) links to the next and previous hops and the master list in case you get lost. Enjoy! 🙂






21 June 2013

21 Comments to “From Beneath the Bushel”

  1. LOL brilliant. Not bad for a beginner ‘puffer’ 😀

  2. Speaking as someone who has got one of your gorgeous corsets, many of your Tarot bags and drooled over the recipes….I feel that it’s only fair that I get to sample some cooking or baking.

    *sits expectantly with knife, fork, pudding spoon <- god loves an optimist*

    Ali x

    • It’s probably just as well you’re on the other side of the country or your gall bladder would really hate you 🙂 I’m still awaiting the results from the Medieval poached pear recipe I sent you *drums fingers impatiently* aaaaages ago

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve got one more talent – great humor! I feel so inadequate with all your talents!

    • You shouldn’t – I’m definitely going to try your pineapple compote 🙂 You might like to point your hubby at the cherry scone recipe 😉

  4. oooh!! So many skills!! I’m going to take a look to your cherry scone recipe 🙂

    • Do, they’re very good. I don’t bother rolling the dough or cutting out rounds, I just tear it into 8-12 roughly equal parts (depending on how large I want my scones) and make rough balls like rock cakes. I think the odd knobbly bit makes for a more interesting scone 🙂

  5. Congrats on NaNoWriMos! Now that’s something to trumpet about.

  6. You forgot “damned funny” as one of your talents. Loved this!

  7. Enjoyed your post. Congrats on NaNoWriMos. As a fellow writer, good luck with finishing, and making it to the end of those manuscripts. And remember it’s the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the writing!

  8. Hilarious as ever, Ania, humour is definitely one of your many Cups 😉 I had much the same reaction to the idea of talking about our gifts and talents, hence more of a focus on the creativity side of it. Still, I love where it took you, and it’s true: you deserve to show off all those talents every now and again. *big round of applause for bravery on top of so many gifts*

  9. I have yet to complete any NaNoWriMo project. As for tooting one’s own horn, my mom thought it was something that a polite person doesn’t do. Too bad I entered a profession where you have to advertise yourself. And speaking of advertising oneself, I noticed that you do the LinkedIn (I have yet to do it), is it something that you found useful?

    • Not really, but it’s another way of maintaining contacts and an online presence. It also allows people to endorse your skills.

  10. Brilliant, several times over. Do keep writing. You are quite good at at least two of the things I’m familiar with (writing and Tarot bags–I’ll have to investigate the scone thing). You and Alison Cross in particular could both make an excellent living as humour columnists; the wit is definitely strong with you two. As a matter of fact, you should team up and go “on the road.” Really. 🙂

  11. Loads of talent to trumpet!

  12. Excellent trumpeting! Cake and corsets mixed with a bit of humour, and well done with the NaNoWriMo! I struggle with writing a shopping list so I’m super-envious of anyone who has the ability to entertain their readers with well chosen words 🙂

  13. Eek, some of those medieval recipes look downright scary! Love the look of your corsets, but I’d need plenty of confidence, and an occasion when I didn’t feel the need to eat or breathe too much to wear one 😀

    • The corsets aren’t as restrictive as you might imagine and the Medieval recipes are very tasty (except the Cock Ale, that is 🙂

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