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The Weird and Wonderful World of Knitting

I have rather been bitten by the knitting bug lately. My travels in search of intersting patterns to add to my ever-growing library have led me to some really weird, wonderful and totally bizarre knits. Just as a few examples, controversial knitter Rachael Matthews, responsible for Knitler the Knazi (though reports of a book of knitted dictators would seem to be somewhat exaggerated and just something whipped up by the media to get comments from the outraged), has also come up with such bizarre knitted objects as a penis and a grenade. Of course, there was also the recent storm about Mazz’s knitted Daleks and Ood that caused the BBC to foam at the mouth over copyright, but being highly entertained by the idea, some diligent searching on my part unearthed the Extermiknit pattern. You can also knit mushrooms, a Witch’s hat, a Vlad the Impaler hat and all manner of things limited, it seems, only by your imagination. I look forward to hearing about the strangest knitted object you have come across – post them here 🙂

18 August 2008
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