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Circular Delights

I’m in love! Well, actually it’s more that I’m in covet – in the worst way.

I’ve knitted with all sorts of needles – straights, DPNs and circulars, metal, plastic (urgh!) and bamboo,  but most recently my utterly lovely KnitPro Symfonie Wood needles. They are laminated Birch wood, smooth, funkily coloured and, most importantly, feel really good to use.  I can even overlook the spelling of “Symfonie” without the merest hint of a wince.

The reasons I love my Knitpros doesn’t end there – my set are circulars with interchangeable tips! This means that I can carry a whole set of needles around in a small case and easily change the length of the cable to one of 3 supplied lengths (for my set), which can also be linked together in any permutation giving the perfect length for the job in hand. If you haven’t worked it out, that is 7 possible permutations in length, or in fixed length needle terms, 7 sets of needles from one set of tips and 3 cables. Oh, and you can buy an additional cable length so that increases the permutations to…erm…15, if I’m not mistaken. If you have ever knitted shawls, particularly circular ones, you will appreciate the advantage of such flexibility.

If circulars are not your thing, then the range also includes straight needles and DPNs, the latter being supplied in sets of 6 rather than 5, so that if you break one, you don’t need to buy a whole new set. Inspired!

But, much as I love these, they are not the reason for my present covetous condition. This month, KnitPro have released the Symfonie Rose set – a boxed set of 8 interchangeable tips in sizes 3.5mm to 8mm, (with all four cables lengths and a shawl pin) in a Rosewood finish. “Drool” just doesn’t cover it… if you’ll pardon the imagery. Unfortunately, with a £70 price tag, they are beyond my present means <sniff>.

I may have to start a donation page to help me overcome this most serious condition.

28 April 2010

3 Comments to “Circular Delights”

  1. LOL they are rather pretty 🙂

  2. Exceptionally pretty. I want them and I don’t even knit.

    Ali x

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