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Doing It Sideways

One of these days, I am going to learn to do it sideways. Yes, I admit that I have experimented with it that way  once or twice, but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. I know it is possible and not that complicated but I think I need to be shown how to do it properly.

I’m referring to horizontal cabling, of course. Eunny Jang’s Tangled Yoke Cardigan is the perfect example of what I mean. In fact, I’m not sure anyone else has really done true horizontal cabling. You can make the cable seperately and stitch them on or knit the whole piece sideways, but Eunny has cracked the real thing. The problem, once again, is that most of that cardigan, (and I haven’t managed to find another pattern using this technique), is plain knitting and therefore, for me, mind-numbingly dull. I may buy the pattern at some point just for the technique but there is a certain attraction to continuing to play and try and work out how it is done.

Another technique I really must get around to mastering is colourwork. Both Fair Isle (a tad dull to my mind but useful to know) and mosaic, which is slightly more interesting. My preference is for texture rather than colour usually, but it is all useful to know. I think I will probably try these techniques out on socks or mitts at some point – quick, easy and not to painful to frog if it turns out to be a dog’s breakfast rather than its testes.

29 April 2010

5 Comments to “Doing It Sideways”

  1. Doing it sideways?! I didn’t even know that horizontal cabling existed. I am the kindergarten knitter 🙂

    Ali x

  2. LOL no Fairisle for me, very 1940s or – worse – 70s 🙂

  3. Yes,OK, see the attraction of that scarf; but then why do people call it Fairisle ? it’s like saying all blue cheese is called Stilton ….

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