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I went to the library on Tuesday, primarily for the children, but I always enjoy a good browse and while I was there I popped upstairs to the non-fiction section to look at the crafty books. This is probably a bit sad and middle-aged, but I was really excited to find both this and this. I love Cookie A’s socks. They have enough variety in the designs to keep them interesting, but are still quite quick knits. I have a few of the patterns bookmarked and will be making them as soon as I can. You can see more of Cookie A’s work on Ravelry and her website.

I have a prior project of a shawl to knit though and I suspect this will take up a fair bit of time. I am revealing nothing until I have done the design, hence the other book, which I amflicking through for inspiration. I know what I want to do for the main design, but need a few ideas for in-fill and borders. Watch this space!

The library visit was not the only bit of excitement for me, however. On the way back we popped into the local bargain book shop – the children wanted to get some water pistols – and I found… this. Fashion porn of the historic variety! As a costumier, I’ll have to keep the kitchen towel handy to wipe the drool off the luscious colour plates on every page covering two centuries of the height of style. Not just frocks, but menswear, accessories, the odd hat and of greatest interest to me… corsets. An absolute steal at Ā£18 for 720 pages in two big, fat and very heavy volumes in a slightly battered box of delight.

Book heaven šŸ˜€

30 July 2010

3 Comments to “Titillation”

  1. Wow, that WAS a find ! šŸ™‚

  2. You jammy bugger. All I can find in my local charity shop books is Georgette Hayer.

    Although I did get ridiculously excited to find a Paul Stanley ‘Airfix’ type figure, in mint condition, in its box. Only to discover that as I was frantically browsing e-bay to see how much it was worth (approx Ā£20 to the Ā£1.50 I paid!), my darling son was hard at it with the glue.

    Ali x

    • It wasn’t a charity shop, just a bargain bookshop. The books are brand new but the box was a bit damaged (I’ve since repaired it) šŸ™‚
      That said, I’ve bought some really good books from the Oxfam bookshop.

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