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Advent Calendar Day 12

advent12Half way! I must admit that I’m quite impressed that I have managed to keep this daily posting lark up – hope you aren’t too bored of my ramblings yet, because there are plenty more to go before I’m done. Oh, yes! *determined face* 😀

I have found some epoxy resin lurking in the kitchen and if it’s still valid, I’ll have a go at repairing my lovely glass today. In other news, I’ve completed another Christmas knitting project and will be taking some snaps of that later, though you’ll have to wait to see that as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise 😀

The weather seems to have gone back to being grim and dreary, so I think a little injection of gaiety and colour would be in order today. I’ve selected the Chrysalis Tarot as the deck of the day. I’m afraid this is another one I’ve had for a while but not really had a chance to play with and the cards were all still in order. After a fairly extensive shuffle, I have drawn….the Seven of Mirrors.

advent012Now, it strikes me that being surrounded by seven mirrors is a tad vain. Personally, I don’t tend spend much time looking in the mirror. It’s usually just a quick glance unless I’m applying make-up, which itself is rare these days, since I work at home alone and don’t look in the mirror much. Of course, the advantage of not constantly looking at yourself is that in your mind, you remain as drop-dead-gorgeous as your rose-tinted memory allows 😀

Christmas is party season though and I do apply the slap when I’m going out. So, the triple mirror on the dressing table, along with the fancy double-sided lighty-uppy make-up mirror, the cheval and the handbag compact, (I believe that makes seven), will all be dusted off* and in use over the holiday period.

*Top excuse tip: dust also has a flatteringly blurring effect on one’s reflection for that touch of Hollywood glamour, and it’s easier to clean off the mirror than Vaseline. 

Out of curiosity, I had to take a look in the LWB after this, largely because I hadn’t a clue what this suit was supposed to be. It reveals that the suit of mirrors equates to that of cups in traditional parlance, thus love, emotions, etc. This would seem to be in keeping with my impressions, as vanity is self-love, right?

However, the LWB also states that the figure is the Lady of Shallott. She was a sad, deluded creature, also known as Elaine of Astalot, whose unrequited love for Lancelot led to her death. “For her, the reality of the outside world is trapped in seven mirrors.” See? Deluded.

12 December 2014

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  1. I’m so enjoying your advent calendar posts, Ania – thanks for the gift!

  2. LOL the poor Lady gets short shrift from you …*so* not a romantic 🙂

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