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Advent Calendar Day 14

advent14Day 14 and just a quick one today because nobody has time to read weekend posts, it would seem. If you do find yourself at a loose end and haven’t been following this series, there are another 12 to read, all packed full of useful and useless information for your entertainment 🙂


Advent Calendar Day 13

advent13Today we move on to lucky 13. I’m sure it must be lucky because yesterday was largely a day of thwarted effort, so today has to be better, right?

The day didn’t get off to a great start, with DD running late and getting into a panic, and an unpleasantly soggy dog walk. To be fair, it wasn’t all bad, though. I did get some work done, but not quite as much as I’d have liked. The lack of progress may have had something to do with DH dragging me off to the pub for lunch, because you know how much I hate being treated to good beer and an excellent fish and chip lunch with mushy peas and probably the best tartare sauce I’ve ever had. It was pure torture, I tell you! 😉


Advent Calendar Day 12

advent12Half way! I must admit that I’m quite impressed that I have managed to keep this daily posting lark up – hope you aren’t too bored of my ramblings yet, because there are plenty more to go before I’m done. Oh, yes! *determined face* 😀

I have found some epoxy resin lurking in the kitchen and if it’s still valid, I’ll have a go at repairing my lovely glass today. In other news, I’ve completed another Christmas knitting project and will be taking some snaps of that later, though you’ll have to wait to see that as I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise 😀


Advent Calendar Day 11

advent11Less than half an hour after publishing yesterday’s post, the dog went ballistic and nearly knocked my not inexpensive MacBook to the floor. (Almost a Tower moment there!). The reason for this? DD’spassport had dropped through the letterbox. Woo-hoo! One step closer to Italy 🙂


Advent Calendar Day 10

advent10Woah, double figures! That means I’ve posted for 10 days straight 😮 Oh, OK, 9 days straight since I didn’t start until Day 2, but it’s still something of an achievement since I’m usually hard-pressed to post a couple of times a month.

Anyway, I’ve finally found what I want for Christmas and with the World card yesterday, who knows, I may even get it. Mind you, Santa will have to lay hands on somewhere in the region of five and a half million quid, but hey, Santa has to have a massive budget, right? What’s a few million here or there!


Advent Calendar Day 9

advent9Still with me? Fab! Let’s see what Day 9 has in store for us 😀

It’s a bright and frosty morning today – a vast improvement on the soul-destroying drear of last week, so something cheery is called for, methinks. Before I reveal what lurks behind today’s little Advent Calendar door, I will have my customary ramble. Don ‘t panic, I’ll keep it brief!


Advent Calendar Day 8

advent8*Gasp* Day 8 already, and Week 2 begins! Come on, if you’ve fallen behind, get reading! I’ll keep this one brief to give you a chance to catch up on the booze, food and games, dark sunshine, sprouts, loot and bunnies, just in case you missed any, or want to revisit the cute bunny 🙂

Assuming we’re all up to date now, I’ll move swiftly on to opening the door to Day 8 on the virtual calendar. But first…oh, come on, you didn’t think I could resist having a teensy leedle ramble, did you?…


Advent Calendar Day 7

advent7It’s Sunday and I sense a certain ennui amongst the blog reading community. Sunday also being the time for family and relaxation, I considered skipping today’s post, but decided instead just to keep it short and not too challenging 🙂

Thus, I have chosen the Rabbit Tarot for today’s offering: cute, fluffy and not in the least bit demanding, perfect for a languid Sunday. I have both the first edition, with the thick black border, and the second and I’ve chosen the latter.


Advent Calendar Day 6

advent6The weekend has arrived and we are on Day 6 of my Tarot Advent Calendar Challenge, and it is a challenge because I am something of a sporadic blogger, only posting when the mood takes me (or I manage to finish the post while it is still even remotely relevant).

Today is also St Nicholas’ Day. St who? I hear the non-Europeans among you cry. St Nicholas, the bloke with the big white beard dressed like a bishop, the model for Santa Claus due to his gift-bringing activities.


Advent Calendar Day 5

advent5Goodness, Day 5 already!

Yesterday’s sunshine was most definitely metaphorical. In the few appointments that DD did manage  to obtain for Parents’ Evening (I am somewhat less than impressed with the booking system), her teachers were full of glowing praise. *Beams with maternal pride* 


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